December 1, 2007Evergreen Cemetery,
Riverside, CA
Start: 8:00pm
End: 10:15pm
Joe, Roger, Mouse

We arrived at the cemetery at about 7:50pm, did normal preperations for the start of an investigation (personal and group protections, etc) and split the gear amongst us. Since we were covering only one section of the cemetery at a time, we decided to stay within sight of each other and maintain voice contact if help or anything else was needed. Mouse and Joe went out in the north east section to the area of Civil War and Spanish-American war Veterans are laid to rest, while Roger stayed in the area of the small three room building across from the cemetery office. I have read that this small building was once the entance to a tunnel that ran from the catecombs under the Mission Inn (7th and Orange) to the Evergreen Cemetery (14th and Pine). I am not sure if this is the case but it is said that there are a number of tunnels under the downtown Riverside area.

We spent the better part of two hours in this section of the cemetery. We then decided to go to the southe west section and look around as there were fewer lights and we could look for any manifestations/apparitions and even orbs (balls of energy that can be seen either with the naked eye or on film). Mouse and Joe walked to the flag pole area and placed the voice recorder on the bench. After asking a couple of questions, we moved off to look elsewhere. Roger was in the area of the Mausoleum, taking pictures and capturing video.

There was another set of investigators in the cemetery that night and we talked about anything that our separate groups had found, showing photos, etc through out the invesigation.

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A nice orb on the tombstone.

Orbs chasing each other.

This looked like an apparition of a man.

This orb is right in front of the tombstone

Three orbs in the tree

This is a really big orb hovering


Audio (EVP)

"I'm going around" (?)

Interesting Sound


Video (IR)
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