December 14-15, 2007 Agua Mansa Cemetery,
Colton, CA
Start: 1:15pm
End: 3:30pm
Joe, Roger, Mouse (Investigators)
and Christine (Research)

Roger went to the Agua Mansa Cemetery in Colton on Friday the 14th and found that is was closed as the lady that runs the museum was attending a funeral. He was able to take a few pictures. Mouse and Joe went out on the Saturday the 15th and spoke with the lady at the museum. She was very informative and helpful (Thank you!!). They took some photos and let the EVP recorders run for a while.

Christine, our researcher, found a lot of great information on the paranormal activity in the area of the cemetery and the road that gets you there. The stories of the Weeping Woman, the dog walker and others were interesting and will be checked out by our group as we continue investigating the area. The history of the Agua Mansa area is old and very interesting. Please follow the link at the bottom of this page to read some about it.

This is a very beautiful cemetery, and it is very old. As with many of these historical sites, they are in need of volunteers to help maintain the site and financial assistance to repair the damage done through vandalism. Any help to them would be very much appreciated.




Audio (EVP)

Some voices in the background
Does it sound like a storm or just echo from airplanes?

Listen closely on this one. Pretty distinct.
It is just a whisper over the aircraft sound.....


Video (IR)
None taken this trip


The Agua Mansa Pioneer Cemetery
California Mission Studies Association