December 29, 2007 Olivewood Cemetery,
Riverside, CA
Start: 11:30pm
End: 1:00am
Joe, Roger, Mouse,
Patrick (Investigators)

Everyone met at Joe's place and after talking about the game plan and checking all of the equipment for charge, memory cards, tapes, etc. We loaded into Joe's truck at about 11:15pm and arrived at the backside of the cemetery (behind Target on Arlington) at about 11:30. We wanted to put the truck here as the gates were closed on Central and didn't want anyone messing with it.

Roger was the first to report anyhing out of the ordinary as he thought he was being watched from the direction of the train tracks. He also heard and felt through out the night that objects were being thrown at him. Mouse also felt pressure on his back like he was being pushed a number of times. Mouse also had five to six seconds of visual blackness. He could hear everything just fine, but couldn't see anything he mentioned it to Patrick and Roger when it happend and told Joe about it a few minutes later. Patrick reported that he had things thrown at him as well, but decided that it was "bark falling off the trees".

Thoughout the evening we recorded for Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP), took photos with both digital cameras, and video with both Sony Handicams. We have decided that we really need to get some IR extenders for the Handycams as the built in IR lights are a little short in range.




Audio (EVP)
No discernable EVPs heard


Video (IR)
Nothing found in video