December 30, 2007 Evergreen (14th St) Cemetery,
Riverside, CA
Start: 1:15pm
End: 2:00am
Joe, Roger, Mouse,
Patrick (Investigators)

Weather: Cold and clear, about 38 degrees. Winds calm.

After visiting Olivewood, the group decided that it might be a good idea to visit Evergreen (14th St) cemetery in Riverside. The feeling in the cemetery was very different from our first investigation there. The first thing we noticed was that there was much more light in the area of the mausoleum, infact there was much more light everywhere in the cemetery!

Even in the back rooms of the mausoleum there were lights on. No one felt anything 'eerie' or out of the ordinary.




Audio (EVP)
No discernable EVPs heard


Video (IR)
Nothing out of the ordinary found

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