December 31, 2007 Old Norco Power House
Norco, CA
Start: 1:30pm
End: 4:00pm
Joe, Roger, Mouse,
Jeremy (Investigators)
Weather: Windy with strong gusts, 65 degrees, clear skies. Daytime/Sunny.

Roger, Joe, Mouse and Jeremy gathered the equipment to do a pre-investigation of the Old Norco / Santa Anna Power Substaion building. Supposedly, there were some hangings that occured in this building in the 1960's. Nothing has, as of yet, been substatiated via the Internet or in the local newspaper archives, but thenumber of stories warrant at least a visit.

No noticable feelings of being watched or uneasiness was reported by any members of the team. There is a set of hight tension electrical cable running over the building, suspended by towers causing the Electro-Magnetic Force meters to peg and stay pegged until they were turned off.

Nothing out of the ordinary was recorded with the digital audio recorders or video. Actual investigation slated for 1/12/08.




Audio (EVP)
No discernable EVPs heard


Video (IR)
Nothing out of the ordinary seen


None so far