January 12, 2008 Old Norco Power House
Norco, CA
Start: 10:00pm
End: 1:30am
Joe, Roger, Mouse, Christine,
Paula, Keith, Patrick, Brandon, Ronnie
Weather: Started calm with increasing wind as the night went on. Temp: about 48 degrees (varied due to wind).

All participants met at the Denny's parking lot on Madison in Riverside. Meet and greet was held, we talked bout the history (hangings, etc) that had happened at the Power House.

There was a general feeling of being watched, not in a bad way, but in a more curious way. Mouse reported being touched on his hand and Brandon said the hood on his jacket was being messed with. Everyone felt that something was present near the farthest door.

Look at the photos shown below for some of the data gathered.


Click on the photo to see an enlargement.


Audio (EVP)
Too windy - Too much ambient noise
No discernable audio found


Video (IR)
Nothing on video