February 9, 2008 Prospect Park and Gates of Hell
Redlands, CA
Start: 9:00pm
End: 2:00am
Joe, Roger, Mouse, Keith
Patrick, Selena, Brandon
Weather: Clear skies. Calm. 47 degrees F.

Meeting at 8:15 pm at Denny's on Madison St in Riverside, group members living in and around Redlands will meet up at the back entrance to Prospect park at about 9pm. Investigated the Kimberly Crest Mansion area and the outdoor stage. After closing down at Prospect, we moved to Hillside Cemetery and found that S.P.O.O.K from Riverside, another group and a few couples were out looking for spirits as well.

One couple had rujn up the road at a pretty good clip until they ran into us. They said they saw floating faces just down the road. We headed that direction and the photos we took are in the first three spots below.


Click on the photo to see an enlargement.


Audio (EVP)


Video (IR)