July 6, 2014 Urquhart Castle, Loch Ness, Scotland
Approx 1:30pm
Weather: Clearing skies (sprinking in the morning). slight breeze. 78 degrees F.

On holiday in Scotland, taking in as many castles, cemeteries and interesting sites as I could in my time there... including the fine Scottish pubs surving REAL ALE. One slightly soggy morning (July 6, 2014), I made my way via bus to the visitor center at Urquhart Castle. Brandishing my trusty Historic Scotland membership card, I walked through the turnstile and proceded to the castle proper.

The sky was clearing, and I was taking photos at everything that caught my eye. Here it is, months later and I notice in the photo you are about to look at, a figure in the middle window of the Grant Tower. I have put this photo here as a smaller version, but click on the photo and the full 15 MegaPixel verion will come up. Photo copyright Pacific Coast Paranormal 2014


Grant Tower at Urquhart




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