Scientific Methods

PCPI uses state of the art electronic devices, as well as some legacy tried and true methods as a first leg of our three-legged approach to Paranormal Investigations.

Metaphysical Methods

PCPI also used more esoteric means, a medium, an empath and sensitives, to discover what goes bump in your home or business. This is the second leg of our investigation methods


March - ??? 2020

Investigations, public or private, have been suspended for the time being.
We will continue when all of this is over and it is safe to do so.

Our Services

Pacific Coast Paranormal Investigations, LLC serves California, Arizona and Nevada. We investigate private residences and businesses, both public and private. We work until your paranormal problem is solved.

About Us

PCPI is a small, very experienced group of investigators, sensitives, videographers, photographers and technicians who are very interested in finding out what happens on the other side, and why spirits remain here and not moving on.

Contact Us

Pacific Coast Paranormal Investigations, LLC
Riverside, CA and Phoenix, Arizona

P: 951-795-9610 California
P: 602-367-9890 Arizona